Gheel Family & Friends

Founded 2001

    Chairperson: John Hanlon

    Secretary: Michael Kenny

    Treasurer: Betty Bowden

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    Dear Families and Friends,

    Please note that the next meeting of the Families and Friends of Gheel will take place as follows:

    Next meeting: Wednesday 30th January 2019 at 8.00pm Venue: Gheel Autism Services, Griffith Court, Fairview, Dublin 3

    Gheel is working on its strategic plan 2018-2020. Parents are wondering to what extent this strategic plan will move Gheel from a service providing residential services based on a rent/lease model, to one that is founded on freehold acquisition of property that can be a secure foundation for long term residential service provision?

    As an aid, and in case meeting notices are delayed or don’t get to you we hold our meetings usually on the last Wednesday every two months, starting in September.


    John Hanlon, Betty Bowden, Michael Kenny

    Chairperson Treasurer Secretary

    Families and Friends of Gheel Families and Friends of Gheel Families and Friends of Gheel